When the Academy and you are linked 121, you are in control  of what happens. The tutor will only take control of your computer at your  explicit request.

There are some sensible things you can do and would be good  practice anyway; any data that is of a personal nature should not be on the  desktop. Keep all your sensitive data especially passwords etc in a area that  is not in public folders and best of all subject to password protection on the  folder itself...don’t know how to do it, then check out the movie on, keeping  me safe

If the machine your are using is mission critical in your  business then tell your tutor and he will adopt a high level of risk avoidance  with you... If you have a choice of machines on a network then use the less  critical and consider isolation from other sensitive computers.

Always have  in mind You are in control and can stop the 121 connection in an instant.    

When you  want to  start a lesson either click here on the left  OR this link below, copy and paste it to your  desktop for use  later.



Our mentoring ranges, for the beginner up to and including those that are building a new business or even refreshing an established one.

All the Tutors/mentors are working professionals in various disciplines. They  are  experienced well grounded in the practical and collectively have a vast knowledge they are happy to share. Honestly and openly helping you to reach your goals and targets for your career and life courses.

Proselect, Morephotos, Apple OS, Windows OS, Adobe Photoshop and  Elements, Apps. Workflows. Tips and tricks.

See your lesson on the IPad or IPhone while working along on your main machine. With the new app that lets you stream the lesson to your iPad/iPhone. Just follow this link and install the zoom app