The Photo Academy is a new and radical way to learn. Its purpose is to get  you where you want to be, to achieve your work goals, when you need to get the job done. Fast and effective. It is..... where you need it, when you want it. With 2 basic flavours.

The first is .....

  1. 1.A personal tutor training 121 with you to guide and point you in the right direction on your Mac or PC wherever and almost when ever. Select from fixed priced courses on subjects that you need to understand.

  1. 2.Using high levels of security the tutor connects to you and screen shares with you. Seeing what you see and guiding you as if they were sitting next to you. With our Lo Call phone system Its quick, clear and very user friendly. Don't take our word for it, See what others have said about us.

The Second is...

  1. 1.The scheduled pay as you go lecture with up to 250 students maximum. Its a combination of pre defined, take with you content and road maps and live demonstrations of concepts methods and “how to” workflows. Low priced and repeated on various fixed times, It just like attending a university lecture but from you own desktop.

  2. 2.The lesson list is always being added to and new courses added to so we have added a RSS link.

In addition we show free to air  screen casts and movies of various subjects here in a movie theatre and on ITunes podcasts.